Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sir Topham Hatt and Uncle Moneybags

Did you ever notice how the Evil overlord of the Sodor Railway, Sir Topham Hatt, looks just like the Evil monopolist from the game Monopoly, Uncle Moneybags?

Sir Topham Hatt

Uncle Moneybags

Perhaps our avuncular landlord from Atlantic City is merely the British rail baron with a clever mustachioed disguise? Maybe the casinos on Boardwalk are being used to launder monies embezzled from the Sodor Railway? Are the bizarre, anthopomorphic talking trains really part of Hatt's secret police, who quietly disappear Sodorian dissidents to underground cells along Tennessee Avenue. Maybe there's a reason why the railroads are considered some of the most valuable properties in Monopoly, even though the Golden Age of Rail is long past

Maybe Sidereal Jr. and Siderealette spend too much time watching Thomas and His Friends?


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